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    Welcome To the Wheeling Wheelmen.

    The Wheeling Wheelmen Bicycle Club founded by Phyllis Harmon, had its first meeting on April 26, 1970 with over 100 members in attendance. Since that time, the club has grown to almost 300 men and women serving the Northwest Chicagoland area with organized rides, social outings, informative meetings, bicycle advocacy, and a lot of friendship.

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  • Upcoming Club Meetings

    Thursday, April 2nd at 7:00pm.

    Tim Ams and Andrea Rudser-Rusin will be talking about the key to cycling hydration and nutrition

    The location is in the Sullivan Library at Anne Sullivan School

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  • Compu-Trainer Classes

    Some of our club members have been participating in Compu-Trainer classes at Village Cycle Sports in Arlington Heights. These sessions are hosted by Tom Wilson on Wednesdays and Sundays at 11:15 am. It is a great way to keep in shape. The cost for Wheeling Wheelmen members is $15 which is a bargain

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  • Marianne Kron

    Did you know that we have a celebrity amongst us. If not then check out the article about Marianne by clicking here.

  • Harmon Hundred

    The Wheeling Wheelmen's
    Harmon Hundred Ride

    September 13th, 2015
    Wilmot High School
    Wilmot, WI 53192

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  • Start of Biking Season for the Wheeling Wheelmen

    We had a fantastic start to the season with great weather and participation - about 25 riders showed up!

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  • What's New

    Welcome to the new and improved web site for the Wheeling Wheelmen.

    The new site has been updated to give you a better experience and we hope that you will enjoy it.

    One of the features allows you to select a Theme from the drop down menu. Each theme has a different color scheme used throughout the web site. Pick the one you like, and your browser will save the information in a cookie.

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  • St. Patrick's Day Ride

    The Wheeling Wheelmen's
    St. Patrick's Day Ride

    March 22th, 2015
    Wauconda High School
    Wauconda, IL 60084

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    Countdown to Event

    The Wheeling Wheelmen would like to thank all 184 riders and numerous volunteers for a great St. Patrick's Day ride. Everybody had a great time despite the cold weather and the wind - however we beat the snow!

    We also had great entertainment both outside as well as inside.

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  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you all for your wonderful support and contribution to a very successful ride last Sunday.

    The club has always enjoyed great fame for hosting an exceptional early season event and this year was no exception.

    52 volunteers conspired to make it another great ride!

    The feedback has been tremendous with complimentary comments about safety, cookies (thanks all you bakers), support, entertainment and much more.

    Here are some fascinating tidbits: Our first rider arrived at 6:50 am, anxious and ready to ride. We told him he had wait till the coffee finished brewing! Our youngest riders were @8 and 9 years old (I think) who came along with their mom, Mary. The girls bragged they could ride faster than Mom and I'm sure they will (in the future).

    I think this is the first year we had dancing in the cafeteria (with cleats) not only by our own members (to remain incognito unless you look at the photo album) but also by some regular riders who come out every year. There was a heated competition going on for a while. Dancing With the Stars- eat your heart out!

    A large group from Elmhurst Bike Club and other clubs came out to support us, some riding fat tire bikes-what fun. One member of the Fox River Valley Club rode to Wauconda from home and had to ride back after the temperature dropped significantly. Since it was not a very warm day to start, his return ride was coold-brrr...

    The most remarkable rider was a girl that is severely handicapped. She can hardly walk even with a cane, can hardly speak, but rides. She has a customized bike for her needs and rides alongside a couple of fellow riders who watch out for her. It took her 3.5 hours to ride the route and she was very happy with that.They lingered in the parking lot reminiscing about the day's experience. Can we count our blessings? Food for thought.

    ALL the cookies were eaten, no leftovers, thanks to our fabulous and famous baking girls. Sag support used their personal cars to keep all riders safe and without incident. The parking crew kept order in a filled parking lot. I think I saw them grooving to the outside music blasting from the Red Bull truck. Registration crews and kitchen crews operated like clockwork. Don't forget about how well the routes were marked by the crew the day before. You didn't even need a map or cue sheet to find your way, now that's talent.

    All in all, this club operates smoothly because you love the experience, the club and the adventure.

    My hat's off to you all! Please know that all the other bike clubs admire what you do.

    May the sun shine kindly upon you as we ride together for many seasons.

    Warm Regards,

    Anna & George & Dennis

  • Show-N-Go

    On November 1st the club Show-N-Go Ride schedule starts. While the club can only sponsor Bicycle club rides and other bike related activities, many club members stay active walking, skiing or doing trail rides in the winter months.

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  • Contact Us

    We can be contacted by email at:

    or by mail at:

    Wheeling Wheelmen Bicycle Club
    P.O. Box 7304
    Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-7304


  • Wheeling Weather

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