Wheeling Wheelmen
Q: Hey, what the heck is a Ride Host?
A: Wow, being a Ride Host is FUN and EASY. First, you pick one of the rides on the ride schedule that doesn't have a host listed. Then contact the club ride chairman Neal Barg at nlb1@msn.com.

Before the ride, Neal Barg will mail or email you a copy of the cue sheet for the ride and the Sign-Up Sheet. All you have to do is make copies of the cue sheets, show up 1/2 hour before the ride, hand them out, get people to sign in, introduce any new riders, and go for a fun ride the way you normally would. Within a day or two following the ride, mail the Sign-Up Sheet to Emily Qualich (her address is on the Sign-Up Sheet), or email a copy of the Sign-Up Sheet to her at e.qualich@comcast.net. It is that simple.

Q: Do I have to do my own cue sheets and maps?
A: No, all of that is provided. However, if you want to be adventurous, the club is always looking for new rides. You can create your own. Just work with Neal Barg on the particulars.
Q: I'm nervous about doing it alone my first time. Can I "buddy up" with someone?
A: Certainly. If you want to host a ride with a friend, partner, or even a board member, feel free. It's fun in pairs.
Q: What do I get out of hosting a ride?
A: First of all it is fun. Second, the club will only survive if the members volunteer. This is an easy way for you to keep the club going. At the annual banquet, all ride hosts receive a small gift as a sign of appreciation.
Q: I lost the Sign-Up Sheet for the ride I'm leading. Where can I get another one?
A: You can get another Sign-Up Sheet by clicking here.
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